Bi-directional Inverter

Bi-directional inverter 10k~100k

The smart micro grid structure demands different for different load, but the basic unit containing distributed power (energy), energy storage device, and load management system. Most interface of the micro energy to the grid requirements is designed based on power electronic technology, to ensure the micro grid to run flexibility and reliability as a single system. Micro grid system with interconnection and independent (isolated) two stable operation condition and two corresponding transition state: on grid state and micro grid solution. According to micro grid structure and load condition, the smart micro grid system can be roughly divided into three different levels, the countryside and small islands smart micro grid system, town and medium-sized island smart micro grid system, counties and cities and large islands smart micro grid system. The three kinds of systems have their respective characteristics and different complexity, also have different applications, and on the basis of the three kinds of systems also stretch out a variety of other types of different functional micro grid system.And design of intelligent network system, the most important is to adjust measures to local conditions


● Bi-directional invert, maintain the balance of power system, to ensure the quality of load power supply.
● It can be long term running in110% rated output power .
● On/off grid running function: The PCS can work in on /off grid state, and the two states can be switched automatically.
● With the parallel function, easy to expension.
● Suit for many kinds of battery, with the floating, constant current, constant voltage, constant power and so on many kinds of charging and discharging mode.
● The range of the DC input voltage is wide and the efficiency is high(96%).
● With the R, L, C load 100% unbalanced three phase, it can supply the power for the nonlinear impact and motor load.
● With many kinds of communication port, including the internet, RS 485, CAN and so on.
● High efficiency: can be 97.2% with the transformer.
● Accept the scheduling: Can be scheduled by the grid.
● With kinds of charging and discharging methord.
● Expansibility.
● With the active power and reactive power adjustable function.