Commercial Solution

Dowell BESS system features with lithium battery

Fast Grid Connection
Easy Installation
High Level Of Safety
Environmentally Friendly
Long Life Span
High Energy Density
Deep Charge / Discharge Rate
Good Environmental Adaptability

The Dowell Design Solution

System Container

● Rapid Installation

Outdoor Transformer/Ac distribution catinet

● Design-all in the container

PLC control

● Capacity expansion available

PV BESS EV hybrid storage project

Project Location: Beijing LJLJ
Project Capacity: 500kw/5Mwh
Commission time: May, 2017

It is the first commercial energy storage project in China which is used in large commercial complex at demand side. The project realizes the commercial building electricity bill management and capacity management to solve the problem that the mall power line can not be capacity expanded, as well as the impact of EV charging access to Grid. It realize the intelligent energy storage service of time-shift and can also participate in the demand response. This project is the first application in urban commerical complex, and opens a new chapter in this filed in the future.