On-Grid Inverter

On-Grid Inverter 55KW / 110KW / 550KW / 690KW

The photovoltaic grid-connected inverters in the Solartec Central 250/500 series are applicable to rooftop projects and power plant projects. The nominal output powers of Solartec Central 250 and Solartec Central 500 are 250 kW and 500 kW respectively.

This series has an advanced MPPT algorithm and advanced circuit topology. They have a high conversion efficiency. They have a fast and highly accurate control chip, and have the functions of reactive power compensation, harmonic controlling, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, temperature protection, active and passive islanding detection and low-voltage ride through. Additionally, they support optical fiber remote monitoring and have reached European certification standards, including Germany’s.


● Access to and control of the power grid or load requirements;
● Flexible adjusting voltage difference, bi-directional DC / DC converter with battery features the best match;
● Dc side voltage stability, conducive to run system continues to be funny;
● Independent charge and discharge circuit and filling depth control, a balanced current effectively;
● Cells of cutting and maintenance convenience, easy to realize large capacity storage system;
● A highly integrated, high efficiency and energy saving.