PV + BESS Retrofitting Project in Tibet

Project Location: Tibet
Project Capacity: 20MW/100MWh
Full Investment: 4500 millions
Commission time: Dec, 2020
Project application: PV + Energy storage project

Tibet Shigatse PV + BESS Retrofitting Project is the largest demonstration project of Integrated Energy System in China. With solar panel array over 1000 acres and 40 LFP battery storage system, this power station is charging and storing energy. The harsh environment of high altitude(2000+ meters) and large temperature difference in Shigatse has strict requirement of the whole project plan.

Dowell took charge of the integration services and provided PCS and LFP batteries for the commercial battery storage system.

This energy storage project contract was signed in June, started constructing in July, and completed commission and put into operation in December, 2020, its successful running can output 100MWh/year, and saving 30.6 thousand tons of coal, and make great efforts to the fast development clean energy industry.