XinYang Longshan Distributed Energy storage Power Station

Project Location: Henan Xinyang Luoshan 110kv longshan substation
Project Capacity: 9.6MW/9.6MWh
Commission Date: July, 2018
Project Application: BESS at Grid side for response

Xinyang Longshan Battery storage station is a demonstration project of Henan state Grid 100MW BESS, one of three energy storage project related to the Science and technology Project of State Grid in 2017, The operation of this project laid the foundation for Battery energy storage engineering application. This battery storage plant adopts the distribution layout, modular design, standardized access, integrated monitoring etc technical solution. It utilize spare space to configure battery storage project for Henan State Grid to smooth the fluctuation and intermittent of New energy for emergency power supply by utilizing BESS charging at off-peak time and discharging at peak time, and high efficiently improve Grid safety operation level. This project can meet the electricity consumption of 3200 households.