Tianjin Flywheel Energy Storage Project

Project location: Tianjin, China
Project Capacity: 500kW/500kWh
Commission Time: Dec 16th, 2020
Project Application: Flywheel Energy Storage at Grid side

It is the first commerical Flywheel Energy Storage Project in China and Dowell as preferred PCS supplier participate in this project.

This flywheel energy storage project was equipped with 2 set of 250kW flywheels, and a set of Dowell PCS system at grid side. For such systems, the main necessities are High energy density and energy efficiency. By high frequency switching, high energy densities can be obtained. By reducing losses, High energy efficiency can be obtained. Dowell PCS is used in this project with one switch for voltage step down and allows the power to flow from the DC bus to FES, with the second switch is utilized for voltage-boost allowing the power to flow from FES to DC bus.