Henan Pingding shan yueshan Energy storage plant

Project location: Ping dingshan 110KV yueshan substation.
Project Capacity: 4.8MW/4.8Mwh
Commission Time: November, 2018
Project Application: BESS at Grid side for response

Pingdingshan Yueshan Energy storage power station, one of the 16 energy storage power station in Henan 100MW battery storage demonstration project, it is one of the three major energy storage projects involved in the science and technology project of headquaters of the state grid in 2017. its succeed in grid connected marks the application at grid side landing at pingdingshan. As a “ power bank” at grid side, it provide various services such as peak shaving, black start and demand response to realize time-shift at grid side, and relieve power supply pressure at peak time,promoting new energy retrofitting, and provide a new way for grid security.