GENKI 500W Portable Power Station for Camping Power Supply

500W Portable Power Station for Outdoor Camping/Jump Start/Emergency Power 515Wh

  • 515Wh/139200mAh
  • Only 5KG
  • Full Charge whintin 4-4.5 Hours
  • 110V/220V AC, DC, USB Output
  • Charge for Eletrical Devices up to 500 Watt
  • Recharge by PD Charge/ Wall Socket/ Car Adaptor/ Solar Panels
  • LCD Display Show Battery Life Status & Output Type & Usable Time
  • Pure Sine Wave, No Harm To Smart Devices
  • GENKI Portable Power Station 500 Watt Introduction

    GENKI series portable power stations are manufactured by professional energy storage expert: Dowell Technology, who has 10+ years experience in energy storage. It also named rechargeable battery-powered generator, because it can effectively convert solar energy into electricity. GENKI specializes in providing outdoor green power solutions for nature explorer, our mision is to keep you powered anywhere at anytime with renewable energy.

    For now, GENKI portable power supply has 3 main models batteries: GK-300, GK-500 and GK-1000, for home emergency backup power supply and outdoor activities: camping, outdoor photography, outdoor adventure & life, jump start, medical secure, interview, aerial photography. When cars can't be started outdoor, Genki can work as a car power station to jump start.

    portable power station for camping power supply

    portable power station for camping power supply

    What Can GENKI Portable Power Station Do

    GENKI supports 3 output: AC outlet, USB port, DC port, you can use GENKI portable power stations to charge many devices: smart phone, laptop, car refrigerator, camera, drone, Led light, etc. As long as the device power output under 500W, then it can work properly and provide you wonderful using experience. PD input & output are available for 500W and 1000W portable power station, higly improved charging speed.

    Portable Power Station for Camping/Jump Start/Emergency Power Portable Power Supply for Camping/Jump Start/Emergency Power

    When Will You Need Portable Power Station?

    Portable Power Station can be taking as a large power bank with AC outlet and car port, it can be your best assistance for camping/ outdoor adventure/ self-driving travel, when you are taking a days of camping or outdoor activity, you will feel ease as it can keep your connected and devices powered all the time.

    Besides, you may experienced power outages in thunderstorm season, in some cities, power cut often occur due to hurricane, it is very tough experience especially in summer because of high temperature and humidity, but things will get much better if you have a portable power station to power an eletric fan, heat and irritability are all eliminated. What's more, the lighting function in dark night will make people feel protected and confortable, particularly for family with little kids.

    Portable Power Station for Camping/Jump Start/Emergency Power supply

    How to Charge GENKI 500W Portable Power Station

    Most of power stations on market support 3 charging methods: Wall socket, Car Adaptor or Solar Panel, while Genki creatively adding one more approach - PD charge, which can improve charging speed by 100% - via charging by Wall Socket along with PD Charge. You can recharge GENKI 500W portable power station according to your demands:

    At home, charge with wall socket or PD 60W fast charge, for outdoor condition, recharge with DC car plug or solar panel which is optional. The power station is compatible with most solar panels on market, and the maximum input voltage is 30V, 150W solar panel is ok with this battery station.

    portable power station for camping power supply 500W Camping Portable Power Station

    GENKI Portable Power Station Parameters

    Portable Power Station

    Available Colors & Models of Power Stations

    Portable Power Station Camping

    FAQ of GENKI Portable Power Stations

    Q: What’s the material of GK series portable power supply?

    A: The GK series portable power stations are powered by automotive-grade 21700 lithium-ion battery cells with mature technology and high stability.

    Q: How many devices can I charge at the same time?

    A: Make sure the total amount of your devices power is not larger than the rated power of the station For example, GK-500 portable power station rated power is 500W, if the total power of connected devices less than 500W, then GK-500 will work properly; once over 500W, the battery station will shut off automatically.

    Q: Can I charge my phone or other devices while the station is also being charged?

    A: Yes, no problem. Charge While Charging works perfect with GK-300, GK-500 and GK-1000 portable power stations.

    Q: Why not using metal material for power station outer casing?

    A: Metal shell is easy to leak, no safety enough.

    Q: What’s in the package/What will I receive if place order?

    A: There are: portable power station, standard AC charger, car charger, double USB-C charge cable and product manual.