iPack-5.6KWh Battery Pack

  • High safety, reliability and efficiency
  • Long service life LFP battery
  • Silent operation
  • 2 into 1 composition design - each pack is light and flexible for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Unique control strategy to achieve optimal energy configuration
  • Dowell ESS

    Reduce dependence on the grid

    ESS stores the power from solar in the day time and uses it at night.

    Household emergency backup power

    In case of a power outage, the ESS can be used as backup to support power to the household.

    Peak shaving reduces the household electricity expense.

    The ESS stores power at off-peak times and uses it at peak hours to optimize the high electricity bill.

    Island and remote area power supply

    For islands and remote areas where the grid is not always available, the combination of ESS and solar could solve the power supply problem.

    System Parameters

    General Information

     Model Name


     Battery Tape



    Battery Cells+BMS+SPCC Base+AL Cover

     Electrical Characteristics

     Total Energy

    6.1 kWh

     Usable Energy (91%DOD)

    5.6 kWh 

     Battery Capacity


     Voltage Range


     Nominal Voltage


     Max. Charge Current

    60 A

     Max. Discharge Current

    78 A

     Communication Mode

    RS485 or CAN

     Communication Port