iPower series energy storage inverters 3kW / 5kW

iPower series energy storage inverters 3kW / 5kW

The iPower series of bi-directional energy storage inverters power are designed for residential and commercial establishments. They can run both independently and have the capability to interact with the power grid. The iPower storage inverters can be used with a variety of input sources and in different application modes. With many excellent features, this series gives the user the ability to enjoy solar power in the evening.


Reduce Dependence on Grid

No matter on grid or off-grid, The End user can make good use of clean energy like PV, Wind etc electricity system

Intelligent Energy Porter

Intelligent system configuration solution to meet user’s electricity demand. Energy flow from PV, Grid and battery can be intelligently controlled by iPower management system to realize energy interconnection.

Smart Charging/Discharging Setting

TouP Parameter setting, high efficiency load shiftting

Urgent Power Supply

Zero switch at Power outage.


Zero Control

Adjustable Power feedback to Grid

Safe and Stable Application

● Be compatible with Lithium, Lead Acid, Lead crystal, Lead Carbon    ect mainstream of battery.
● Isolated transformer solution, High shock resistance, strong anti-    interference, outstanding over load capacity.
● Inbuilt BMS system to protect battery away from damage, to keep    Lead battery’s long lifespan.

Technical Parameters

iPower Technical parameters