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iCube-250kW/560kWh Container Type Energy Storage System

Short Description:

Dowell iCube is a powerful solution that replaces the conventional reliance on dirty, noisy, and hazardous diesel generators. Crafted to meet the diverse demands of these challenging environments, it comes in various sizes to adapt seamlessly to the specific needs of construction sites, mining operations, oil fields, wells, tunneling projects, and beyond.

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Model iCube250-560
DC Side
Capacity of Cell 280Ah
Battery cycles 6000
Battery Voltage range 556V-672Vdc
Maximum input 420A
Battery capacity 560kWh
Rated output power 250kW
Maximum output power 275kW
Output Type 3P4L  ground (3W+N+PE)
Rated Voltage 400Vac
Rated Output current 361A
Maximum output current 397A
Isolation method Transformers
Grid-connected operation
Allowable range 400Vac (-20%~+15%)
Grid frequency 50土5HZ/60土5HZ
THDI <3%
Power factor ~0.99(lag) ~ +0.99(advance)
Off-grid operation
Rated Voltage 400V
Voltage range 400VAC土10%
Rated Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
With unbalanced load 100%
THDU <3%(pure resistive load)
Overload capability 110% overload (10min) 120% overload (1min)
Other parameters
Designed service life 10 years or 5000 cycles (80%)
Cooling method Air-cooling+intelligent air conditioner
Relative humidity <90%RH, non-condensing
Protection Grade IP54
Gird-connection and off automatic switch function Equipped
Duration for switching of off-grid <10ms
Communication Interface RS485/4G/Ethernet
Cloud platform terminal Support
Firefighting system Standard Configuration
Ventilation and heat dissipation system Standard Configuration
Light system Standard Configuration
Environment Parameters 
Operation Ambient Temperature ~l5°C ~+50°C
Limit Operating Temperature ~20°c - +55°C
Optimal Operating Temperature 20°C ~ 30°C

How iCube Works




Traditional power sources: diesel generators


Game changing solution with iCube series

Where to use energy storage


- Passenger/Material Hoists -Tower Cranes

- Welders

- Desanders

- Barbenders

*Suited for equipment with intermittent load but high current requirement characteristic.


The construction sector is a major contributor to global energy-related carbon emissions, with construction processes alone responsible for 11%. Decarbonizing this sector is crucial for carbon neutrality. Battery energy storage systems (BESS) offer a sustainable alternative to diesel-fueled equipment, reducing emissions by up to 85%.

Rapidly Charge Electric Vehicles on Sites with Limited Power

Charge electric vehicles (EVs) or mobile machinery directly on-site.

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●  Facilitate broader adoption of EVs.

●  Enable quick charging for trucks and fleet vehicles at construction sites.

Power Distant Plants Away from Grid Connections

Charge large mobile batteries overnight and transport them to the plant during the day to support electrified construction.

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●  Promote wider adoption of EVs and battery- powered mobile machinery.

●  Eliminate the need for extensive cabling materials and installation.

●  Avoid using generators to charge equipment at the plant.

Supply Power to Small Tools and Equipment for Low-Power Projects (e.g., Rail Maintenance)

Deploy fully mobile, small batteries that can be relocated to the site to power tools throughout the day.

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●  Eliminate the use of small diesel generators.

● Reduce noise and air pollution in environmentally sensitive areas.

● Operate batteries safely in enclosed environments like tunnels.

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