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In the background of global decarbonization, whether growing distributed clean energy sites, large corporations looking to reduce high energy bills, or grid operators with a need for peak shaving services, all are looking for the perfect solution for large-scale energy storage projects.

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AC iCube P50 iCube P60 iCube P80
Voltage Range 304-576V
Grid Frequency 50/60Hz
Current Total Harmonic Distortion 3%
Power Factor 0.8 leading~0.8 lagging
Rated Power 50KW 60KW 80KW
Maximum Output Power 60KW 72KW 96KW
Cell Type LiFePO4
Rated Power Capacity 215KWh
Voltage Range 600-876V
Cycle Life 4000
Maximum Efficiency >90%
Charge Efficiency >95%
Discharge Efficiency >95%
Peak Shaving And Valley Filling Standard
Off-grid/On-grid Standard
Anti-backflow Standard
Reactive Power Regulation Standard
Demand Control Standard
Power Grid Dispatch Interface Standard
Remote Dispatch Interface Standard
Local Data Storage Standard
Dimension(W*L*H) 1600*1000*2300mm
Weight 2100kg
Working Temperature 0-55℃
Relative Humidity 0-95%
Highest Altitude 3000m
Cooling Method Water cooling
Protection Level IP54
Communication Method modbus TCP/RTU

With the maturity of renewable distributed energy plus energy storage systems as an energy solution, coupled with lower battery costs, the commercial and industrial energy storage market is growing and highly promising for the future. Icube uses a new RTS (Rack To Station) design concept and highly productizes the entire engineering project. It not only improves system reliability and operational efficiency but also reduces overall cost. Icube not only has a short construction cycle, but its arrayed portfolio solution is highly scalable, so it can be quickly delivered and deployed in a variety of projects.

Turnkey Solution
We provide our customers not one by one module, but a whole set of energy storage systems, which integrates battery pack, control system, water cooling system, fire fighting system, PCS system, monitoring system in total. As a highly integrated, productized system,all modules can work together more efficiently and seamlessly, which reduces the cost and improves the performance and stability of the system at the same time. The whole system is plug-and-play, and customers do not need to spend too much time and effort on installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Efficient and intelligent
The system has a built-in highly-intelligent EMS, which can monitor the operation status of the system in real-time. AI will automatically balance the operation between modules and handle abnormal situations according to pre-settings, no need to keep people on duty on-site. The cloud supports data queries, real-time management of system modules, and strategic scheduling. The system supports the one-key start function and seamlessly switches between grid-connected and off-grid modes.

High security
ICube minimizes failures by productizing the entire system and unifying the operating strategy of all modules. ICube monitors the system operating status in real-time and provides hazard warnings so that accidents are nipped in the bud. The IP54 protecting grade can withstand the rigors of various environments. In addition, the ICube is equipped with an intelligent water-cooled temperature control system and an automatic fire protection system, eliminating any possibility of fire. The built-in LFP cell is wrapped in a stainless steel case to resist corrosion, ensuring that the system can reach a 10-year service life and a 5000-cycle life.

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