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Dowell iOneAIO ESS

Short Description:

  • iOne Residential High Voltage All in one Energy Storage System
  • The 1st All-in-one integrating PV, Storage, EV charging and power Distribution
  • Modular design for good expansibility
  • EV charging (optional)
  • 24-hour real-time online monitoring

Product Detail

Product Tags

The 1st All-in-one integrating PV, Storage, EV charging and power Distribution


Stack Design

Easy to install and expand capacity, no wiring works required between battery modules

High energy density LiFePO4 battery module, more than 8000 cycles of service life

Up to 7 battery modules connected in parallel, expandable from basic 8kWh to 28kWh

Don't have an EV charging pile in your home?

Dowell ione all in one ESS

The iOne all-in-one ESS offers EV charging options, no need to install any additional charging wall docks. It supports single-phase 7KW charging and three-phase 11/22KW charging, adding up to 70 miles of range in one hour.

Stack Design
Reduce wiring work and facilitate capacity expansion

Easy Installation

Installation within 20 minutes individually


Expandable from basic 8kWh to 28kWh

EV Charging

Charging power up to 22 KW

IP65 Protection

Suitable for indoor or outdoor

Online Monitoring

Remotely monitoring system operation status

Wide Temperature Tolerance

Operate normally between -10 ℃ and 50 ℃

High Compatibility

Fitted to 1-phase, 3-phase, AC, and Hybrid options

Installation in 20 Minutes Individually

Installation cost




The iOne's stacked design eliminates complex wiring between battery modules and saves installation costs by 30%. And the iOne has a built-in EV charging module, no need for an additional Charging wall dock.

-10℃~ 50℃


Wide Temperature Tolerance

The iOne has extremely high temperature tolerance, operating well from -10 to 50 degrees, which means it can withstand extreme weather without being affected by seasonal changes. In addition, the iOne has an IP65 protection rating for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  One Key Diagnosis

  Remote Upgrade

 Cloud Data Management

  Data Visualization
  Realtime Online Monitoring

Dowell's intelligent monitoring cloud platform allows real-time remote monitoring of the system's operating status, with data displayed visually at the terminal. Remote firmware upgrade to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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