iPack Home Battery Pack for House Energy Storage System

  • LFP battery, inbuilt with CATL cells
  • Long service life 10-year lifespan
  • Scalable: 5.12kWh / module, up to 20.48kWh
  • 2 into 1 composition design - each pack is light and flexible for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Silent operation, no annoying nosie like gas generator
  • Independent and trendy smart home style design
  • What is iPack Home Battery Storage

    iPack home battery pack is designed and manufactured by Dowell Technology who has 10+ years in energy storage field. Dowell product ranges from commercial and industrial, residential and outdoor energy storage system, iPack battery pack is our brand-new house battery storage solution.

    iPack home battery is a LFP battery pack which can be applied to storage energy from power grid or green power from renewable energy which generated by solar panel for household. With CATL cells, flexible capacity configuration, latest technology, independent and trendy design, and 10-year warranty will provide the best backup power system solution for your house.

    iPack Home Battery Storage for House Solar Backup Power System

    What is Use of iPack Home Battery Pack

    Home battery sounds like a huge power bank which can provide power for all your home appliances, such as light, refrigerator, TV, air-conditioner, etc., with it, no need to worry about outages which caused by hurricanes or other grid failures. Besides, it can help you to save electricity expense, it is very helpful backup power solution and eco-friendly to our environment.

    Dowell iPack Home Energy Storage System

    Reduce dependence on the grid

    iPack home battery pack stores the power from solar in the day time and uses it at night.

    Household emergency backup power

    In case of a power outage, the iPack home battery pack can be used as backup to support power to the household.

    Peak shaving reduces the household electricity expense.

    The iPack home battery stores power at off-peak times and uses it at peak hours to optimize the high electricity bill.

    Island and remote area power supply

    For islands and remote areas where the grid is not always available, the combination of iPack home battey storage and solar could solve the power supply problem.

    iPack Home Battery Storage for House Solar Backup Power System

    What Are the Advantages of iPack Home Battery

    Compared to lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 batteries are of longer lifespan, lighter weight, higher round trip efficiency and maintenance free, and it is more stable and safer compared with other lithium batteries you can see on market. You may find LFP battery is not cheap, but with so many excellent performances, it is your best choice for home battery storage system at long run.

    There are 4 “S” features of iPack home battery pack:

    • 1. Safety: LFP batteries are inbuilt with CATL world-class cells, 10-year lifespan.
    • 2. Scalable: 5.12kWh / module, flexible capacity configuration from 5KWh to 20kWh.
    • 3. Smart: Intelligent BMS, maintenance free and smart home style design.
    • 4. Suitability: silent operation, no annoying noise like gas generator.

    iPack Home Battery Storage for House Solar Backup Power System

    Besides, there are 4 adjustable screw threads on the base of iPack battery pack, the height of screw can be adjusted in order to make the battery pack stable on ground which is not flat enough.

    System Parameters

    General Information

     Product Name

    iPack Home Battery Pack

     Battery Tape


     Cell Brand



    Battery Cells+BMS+SPCC Base+AL Cover

     Electrical Characteristics

     Usable Energy (90%DOD)

    5.12 kWh / Module 

     Battery Capacity


     Voltage Range


     Nominal Voltage


     Max. Charge Current

    60 A

     Max. Discharge Current

    78 A

     Communication Mode

    RS485 or CAN

     Communication Port