Dowell on Intersolar Europe 2015

Intersolar Europe, the world’s biggest and most well known photovoltaic exhibition was held, as always, in Munich on 10-12 June.

Hundreds of companies were in attendance to showcase their product offerings, prove their presence and show their influence.

World famous brands were there, such as SMA, ABB, LG, Steca and Huawei were all there, all exhibiting storage systems.

Among the exhibits featured this time, the hybrid inverters and storage systems were prominent. Although both string and central inverters continued to be featured, it was items that related to storage that captured the crowds.

In comparison to last year, the number of exhibitors was reduced (especially Chinese companies featured less strongly) but had no overall effect on the success of the exhibition.

Dowell displayed its Sunmax and Sunmax D models on-grid inverters. iPower storage inverter and good looking AC chargers for electric cars.
Here are the products shown that attracted lots of attention.
Sunmax and Sunmax D models on-grid inverters

Sunmax and Sunmax D are excellent units for use in both residential and small scale commercial installations. Sunmax is a single mppt unit while theSunmax D has dual mppt trackers.

iPower 3kW Storage inverter

iPower is a unit that works to store daytime generated energy and to release it at night to minimize reliance on grid power. The customer is no longer dependent on the grid when it goes dark (or fails). It will give you access to solar energy 24 hours per day.

During the exhibition, Dowell received over 100 customers from 40 different countries and regions. Most of them were installers, distributors or EPCs. Some were current customers, others were interested potential clients after hearing about the iPower unit.

Dowell will take full advantage of the exhibition and all the people that came to our stand to launch the future star product iPower and the EV products into the global area and into the targets markets.