All Energy Exhibition in Australia

Dowell Electronic Technology Company Limited was one of the exhibitors at the All Energy exhibition in Melbourne, Australia on the 5 / 7 October. All Energy is the major PV exhibition in Australia and attracts people from New Zealand and Tasmania in addition to Australians and this year, as always, there were many visitors.

Dowell took the opportunity to debut its iPower storage inverter system. This was the first time that the system had been shown to the public.

The system had previously undergone field trials in several different markets before its initial launch at the exhibition to ensure its compatibility with different power grids.

The system was the only bi-directional product to be shown in Melbourne with other manufacturers’ only showing hybrids.

A Dowell spokesman said, “There was great interest in iPower because it has more flexibility and versatility than hybrids. Our extra features give us advantages over hybrids and bring more benefits to the end user.”

Currently Dowell is completing testing on a 5kW version of the unit and EMS versions of both the 3kW and 5kW models. Indeed, one customer was so interested that he could not wait and bought the demonstration system from the stand!

“We are sure that people will see the advantages of iPower over basic hybrids and will make it a huge success. Storage is the new buzz word in the PV industry and it’s an area that is bound to grow as feed in tariffs go lower. The difference between what end users receive for putting power into the grid and what they pay for taking it out of the grid is getting bigger. It makes more sense to store it yourself and use it when you need it. That’s why Dowell is specializing in this area. And we have made sure that if the user already has a PV system at home, the iPower is compatible with it.”