The Dowell Team Participates in Australian Fairs and Visits Customers

During October 4 to 12, in the golden autumn, there was a small team at ALL ENERGY show hosted in Australia, when everyone at home celebrating the National Day. They are dowell’s representatives including Chai Ruisong, Bi Yuliang, Li Xuemeng.

The Australia All Energy Show is the largest renewable energy exhibitions in Australia. Starting from 2015, the All Energy Australia International Energy Show merges with the Clean Energy Week as the All Energy Australia Energy Show, which will be on display in Melbourne, Australia, each October.

The theme of the exhibition is clean and renewable energy in various forms including solar, wind, tidal wave energy, clean coal, carbon sequestration and the topic of energy efficiency.

All Energy Australia Energy Show is a professional event dedicated to all forms of clean and renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing together buyers and sellers of energy across a wide range of industries. After the exhibition, Dowell visited six important customers in Australia and delivered a detailed introduction regarding Dowell energy storage products and the upcoming battery PACK, and meanwhile explored Australian market conditions and customers' development plan in the next year.

Customers expressed clearly their faith and great expectation to Dowell energy storage products and battery PACK. In the same way, Dowell also presented a big plan in Australian market next year.