Dowell Promote its Energy Storage Products to International Market

In the middle of this month, delegations from the United Kingdom and Thailand went to Changzhou factory. Accompanied by the staff of the International Department, they visited the product line independently developed by Dowell. In response to the customer's greatest concern for large-scale project capabilities and customization capabilities, the engineers introduced the large-scale energy storage projects we have handled, including the Zhenjiang 630 Energy Storage Project and the Henan Grid-side Energy Storage, etc., and carefully analyzed Dowell's tailor-made projects for different projects, Solutions, and corresponding PCS, EMS monitoring systems and battery pack teaming capabilities. The customers also visited the production workshop with great interest and the operation of outdoor cabinets. After checking the working system of the outdoor energy storage station, he excitedly expressed his confidence in Dowell's project capabilities.

The Intersolar Europe Show in Munich ,Germany was just ended, it is the best platform for solar energy storage industry to communicate with each other. Dowell brought new products such as energy storage inverters and energy storage batteries to the exhibition. The iPower (3kW/5kW) energy storage inverter is designed for house usage and commercial power supply locations. It can be operated independently and interacts with the grid, as well as with renewable energy hybrid systems or The generator, it has a variety of input sources and application modes, also has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and stable power supply. The iPack (4kWh/5kWh) has a high design energy density, good consistency, and can be used in parallel to meet different customer requirements. At the same time, commercial iCube container energy storage systems and iStore energy storage converters are also on display. iCube container energy storage systems integrate iStore energy storage converters to provide customers with a one-stop solution.

After the exhibition, Dowell staffs also visited several customers in Germany to see the local energy storage development and listen to their opinions.

What is worth paying attention to is a company with decades of history. The company has a complete R&D and production system. On the day of the visit, a sample order was placed, indicating that there will be follow-up batch orders after the test! The reason why they select Dowell as supplier of core components is precisely because the design level of Dowell. Customers say: We have been in this industry for decades and have cooperated with numerous suppliers. We are not only care about competitive prices, but also require excellent quality, Dowell's inverter can meet my requirements, in addition to its excellent technical design, the operation is more efficient!

We are very optimistic about the future of the international energy storage market.