Shanghai Dowell Technology (“Dowell”) prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

Dowell is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and has invited customers from all over the world to come and join them in a five-star hotel in Beijing for an enjoyable day with the management and staff. Many entertainments will take place and a good time is assured.

A spokesperson said, “The PV industry is volatile and many companies arrived and closed and did not make it to the ten-year mark. We at the company celebrate our anniversary every year but ten years is extra special so we decided to invite customers to join us in it.”

Talking about the company’s change in direction, she went on to say “We pride ourselves on being able to see market opportunities early and being flexible enough execute them. The pivot to system integration was a huge move for the company but thanks to all concerned, it went smoothly and we have established ourselves in that sector.”

Dowell was formed ten year ago for the manufacture and sale of photovoltaic string inverters. At that time, it was early days and a boom industry, with demand outstripping supply. Dowell supplied units all over the world and made technological advancements in the design of these units. The company grew quickly from only 10 people in the beginning to 120 people now in both Changzhou and Beijing. The PV business was very active with many small companies joining the business and crowding the marketplace.

It was at this time that management decided to pivot the business from manufacture and sale of inverters to system integration projects. The company was very successful in this business in China and last year formed an international division.

Taking part in some of the biggest projects in China and now looking to the international market, Dowell is set for even bigger success in the next ten years.

PR Anni

20th Mar 2019