Dowell shines in Munich-Intersolar Europe, Germany, 2019

From May 15th to May 17th, 2019, Intersolar Europe, the most influential European International Solar Show in the world, was held in Munich, Germany.

Dowell appeared at the exhibition with its mascot Little D. Its energy storage system of residential and commercial modes has attracted much attention and become a beautiful scenery of the exhibition.

Dowell’s residential energy storage system is equipped with a new generation of storage inverter, a new generation of battery iPack with good appearance and high performance, and a high-efficiency intelligent control system. Users can realize the rational allocation of resources according to actual demand, and master and control their own energy storage power stations at any time, through the way ‘command faraway by the strategy in hand ’, to ensure the stable operation of the entire system.

With the increasing proportion of new energy such as wind and solar energy connected to the power grid, the uncontrollable factors such as short-term intermittent have a great impact on the grid, seriously affecting the quality of grid operation. The demand for frequency regulation is growing rapidly.

Dowell, as one of the few companies in the ESS field that has the overall solution design and implementation of energy storage and frequency regulation, its iCube prefabricated cabin energy storage and frequency modulation system has joined the international market and settled in UK after the AGC frequency regulation project in Changzhi Thermal power plant. The UK project has perfectly realized the function of peak-shaking and frequency regulation on the grid side and the user side, and the intelligent management, increasing user revenue, reducing wear and tear on the generator set, and improving grid stability.

PR Anni

17th May 2019