Dowell Helps the "Ubiquitous" Transformation of the Northern China Power Grid Dispatching Control Mode

On June 17, 2019, the State Grid Northern China Branch organized the State Grid Electric Vehicle Company to carry out the power joint optimization and AGC for the first time with the distributed energy storage from the Balizhuang Charging Station, the Libeiya Building and the Renji Building.

Dowell, as the system integrator of the Libeya Building Energy Storage Power Station, cooperated with the personnel of the State Grid Northern China Branch, State Grid Electric Vehicle Company and other related units. After 24 hours, the dispatching automation of the energy storage power station was carried out with scheduling, commissioning and reliability verification of the operating platform. The commissioning and experiment will integrate the electric vehicle charging station and distributed energy storage into the grid balance as two independent entities, and combine the actual controllable upper and lower limits and the state of charge (SOC) to jointly optimize and formulate the ideal charge and discharge curves. The intelligent dispatch control system distributes the total instructions to the smart energy control system and the vehicle networking platform in real time, and communicates with the energy router through the 4G IoT private network to realize flexible adjustment of multiple charging stations and energy storage power of the terminal.

This work is the first joint optimization control after the AGC control experiment of electric vehicle charging station and distributed energy storage in the Northern China branch of the State Grid on May 31 and June 14 respectively, marking the “Source” of the State Grid Corporation. The goal of “multiple coordinated ubiquitous dispatch control of network and storage” has taken a solid step forward. This debugging is the first in China to realize the real-time ubiquitous perception of the electric vehicle charging station and distributed energy storage on the dispatch side, and to optimize the elastic load resource through AGC, which has a strong promotion and demonstration significance.

Up to now, China's user side storage capacity has installed 264 MW, and Dowell Technology Co. Ltd. has provided more than 100 MW of energy storage electrical equipment and system integration services. It is estimated that by 2025 and 2030, the installed capacity of the user side will reach 8 million kilowatts and 15 million kilowatts. In the next step, the State Grid Northern China Branch will continue to respond to the company's “three-type and two-network” strategy call, implement the ubiquitous power Internet of Things construction work, organize the dispatch side, electric vehicle (distributed energy storage) operator side, terminal, etc. All aspects of the optimization and transformation improve the supporting business model, expand the volume of electric vehicles and distributed energy storage to participate in grid regulation, guide the accumulation of scattered resources and form scale advantages, and promote the "ubiquitous" transformation of the Northern China power grid dispatch control mode.

Dowell is very proud of its contribution to this project and will continue to leverage its technology and system integration advantages to contribute to the development of this industry.

PR Anni

24th Jun 2019