Dowell Assists The Future Technology City 2MW/4mwh Mobile Energy Storage Power Station To Be Put Into Operation

The scale of the future science and technology city energy storage system project is 2MW/4MWh capacity and is the first grid side energy storage installation in Zhejiang Province. It is located in the beautiful Yuhang District of Hangzhou City.

It is divided into two energy storage units, each with a capacity of 1MW/2MWh. The power station adopts a prefabricated warehouse design, which integrates electrical equipment such as the PCS, energy storage unit and control unit into the prefabricated warehouse. It abandons the shortcomings of traditional power station construction, large floor space and high investment, and opens up a new era of mobile energy storage power station. Using the flexible adjustment of power supply and demand, the ability to schedule and stability of grid operation are greatly improved. The smooth integration of the power station will provide nearly 4000kWh of electricity per day for users in the Yuhang Future Science and Technology City area, which can additionally require the electricity consumption of more than 400 households during peak hours.

The PCS500kW used in this project was provided by Dowell. In this hottest summer with temperatures so high, the technicians worked overtime to debug the project and it was successfully put into operation on August 8.

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A TV station interviews at the project site

Dowell PCS500kW

Container System

PR Anni

9th Aug 2019