Commitment & Service

First of all thank you for choosing our products!

Shanghai Dowell Electronic Co., Ltd. has been always regarding the good product quality as the core competition in the market. It is this important concept and strong sense of product quality among all staff that makes Shanghai Dowell successfully recognized by customers and became world's leading energy storage systems supplier with capabilities of R&D, production and sales.

Dowell established a strict product quality inspection system and scientific testing standards in order to have strict control and management to all aspects related to product quality. Each one of us has the responsibility to ensure that the companies continuously manufacture qualified products.

We attach great importance to the choice of raw materials which must comply with EU ROHS standards. We cooperate and keep good relationship with the most influential domestic and foreign suppliers.

Shanghai Dowell established regular staff quality training program to introduce new knowledge or information regarding quality management. Each employee must keep meticulous quality sense in their mind and pay attention to every detail even as small as a resistor.

Quality inspection departments use advanced testing equipment and means to make test to the products according to the strict inspection procedures and standards. The 72 hours of aging test guaranteed that no one defective product will be sent out.

Quality Policy:
Always be ready to solve customer’s problems.
Always pursue better quality.
Always provide satisfied services.
Always remember that customer service is the only reason we exist.

Technical Services:
As well as perfect energy storage solution, we can provide customers with full time free technical services which cover the entire application areas including household energy storage, commercial energy storage, ground power plant energy storage and off-grid energy storage. We provide users with the appropriate technical training to make them understand the basic structure and working principle of the product. Users are supposed to master the product operation, routine maintenance and troubleshooting methods.

After-Sales Service:
We have established a number of after-sales service centers in the world with round-the-clock service hotline, to ensure your system running properly and the least lost when breakdown happens. We promise fast response and personable solutions. For more details of warranty policy, please see the product warranty card.

We provide you with satisfactory service!