Sunmax D

Sunmax D 2500W~5000W

The Sunmax D series are applicable to rooftop installation and small scale photovoltaic grid-connected power plants. Their rated output powers are 2.5 kW, 3kW,3.6kW, 4kW,4.6kW,5kW, respectively. This series are transformer-less in design and have a wide range of MPPT voltage. Their maximum conversion efficiency and MPPT tracking accuracy reaches 97.6 % and 99.5 % respectively. The maximum DC voltage reaches 580 V. The series have dual MPPT trackers, providing maximum flexibility for solar plants. The series adopts the latest technology, supports reactive power adjustable and meets the VDE-AR-N 4105 standard.


High Efficiency

● Dual MPPT with tracking efficiency over 99.9%
● Supporting reactive power adjustable
● Unit noise less than 30Db
● Single / dual MPPT design.
● Current harmonic less than 3%


● Allows access to third party monitoring system: Solar-log, Solar –man, Taoke, etc.
● Transformer-less design.
● Man-machine interface (LCD) in English, Italian, German languages.
● Man-machine interface (LCD) regulation parameters can be set making installation easy.
● Total digital design.


● Suspension design, installation is simple.
● Units have built-in leakage current monitoring devices.
● IP65 protection class to meet outdoor installation requirements.
● Equipped with active / inactive way to adjust the design instruction.
● With DC switch