System Introduction

With the successful development of the solar power market, governments gradually decreased subsidies for PV generated power. With little or no subsidies and not wanting to give their generated power to the grid, the market for storing electricity was born. Both residential and the grid companies themselves saw the opportunities that storage would bring and embraced this new sector.

Dowell was one of the first companies to see the future of storage and began to offer EPC services for commercial and utility scale projects. They also developed a smaller system for home use.

Schematic Diagram

System Features

  • Close to Life

    Modular lithium battery, lead carbon battery design, to meet different energy demand from families.
  • Money-Saving Experts

    Save retrofitting cost. A variety of system configuration to help you save electricity bill. Over 12 years life span of battery to make the system operating costs to a minimum.
  • Intelligent

    Common, TouP, Bypass, etc working mode.
  • Reliable

    Isolated transformer inbuilt design make system with High shock resistance, strong anti-interference, outstanding over load capacity Real 3kw, 5kw output, No load shedding after longtime-running.Zero switch when power outage, No Black time.LG power Cell.
  • Reduce Dependence on Grid

  • Power System Optimization Solution

    (A) For Grid-Tied PV System

    In the event of power grid outage during daytime, PV system is still available because iPower is able to simulate power grid to keep the inverter working. In addition, iPower give priority to use energy from PV as back up to keep important load continuously working. If energy from PV is insufficient, then use the battery to discharge power.

    (B) With Grid Working

    This wiring is more convenient to realize for existing grid-tied PV system. We need only add iPower+batter to the system and separate important loads in a independent channel as backup loads. However, in the event of power grid outage during daytime, PV system doesn’t work any more. The battery will start to discharge energy immediately as back up to important loads.

    (C) For Off-Grid PV System

    iPower can be also used in off-grid PV system to store solar energy during daytime and discharge energy in the evening. iPower will start the diesel generator automatically if PV energy supply is insufficient. By combining off-grid PV system and generator, customer can reduce electricity cost and get rid of loud noise from diesel generator.

    (D) For System Without PV

    iPower also supports Time-of-Use management, which controls the battery to store solar energy or grid power when electricity price is low (off-peak rates) and discharge power when electricity price is high (peak rates). The UPS function allows homeowners to store solar energy from PV or power from grid and use it during electric outages.


    A) Operate under off-grid state, use 6.4kWh battery, system can run lasts for 1~2 days, ensure safety without influence on life.

    B) Operate under off-grid state, can use energy generated by PV, system can run for a long time with good condition of light, ensure basic electric needs without influence.

    C) Operate under on-grid state, can take use of time-of-use electricity price function and adopt general operating mode, system not only can keep running without outages, but also can save electricity cost.