Our Team

Yu Zhenhua
Independent director
Zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance Chairman Prudent energy was founded in 2006 which dedicated to the research and development and produce Vanadium Redox Battery Energy Storage Systems In 2009, Prudent energy bought Canada VRB Power company, and become the supplier of first MW VR storage technology for national grid of China. In 2010, Prudent energy selected the global cleantech100, There have over 10 companies invest about 80 million dollars ,the investors contain Sequoia capital, Northern light venture capital, Mitsui and DT capital. In 2011, Mr. Yu built Zhongguancun Energy storage industry association. In the same period he found Beijing Ray power systems co.ltd which focus on the development of energy storage products in power applications, Built the first commercial storage power station in china. Mr.Yu Zhenhua graduated from Electronic engineering of Tsinghua University in 1997. He acquired the MBA Master degree from Pepperdine university of USA in 2005. Mr Yu Zhenhua has been certified as Beijing's distinguished expert by Beijing Haiju project in 2010, at the same year, Mr Yu shortlistd "top 1000 national plan", and been authorized as national distinguished expert.

Chai Jianyun
Technical consultant
Tsinghua University Professor, doctoral supervisor. Currently he is a director of institute of power electronics and electrical system in Tsinghua University, Vice chairman of Chinese Electrotechnical Society in small motor branch. Mr. Chai mainly engaged in electromagnetic field, motor design and control, scientific visualization and other theoretical research, and the above theory in wind power, electric vehicles, ships, electric propulsion and household appliances and other fields of application. The main research projects in recent years: the development of MW VSCF wind turbine; development of fuel cell electric vehicle electric drive system; large capacity multi phase PMSM and its drive system simulation; hybrid permanent magnet motor and its control system, development of high speed large torque of eddy current brake design and with force the feedback of the virtual surgery training system research.

Yu Xinhua
IDG investors
He has joined IDG capital in 2005, and participated and led of a number of investment cases in new energy, new materials as well as semicoductor design etc field, he has rich experience in helping companies growing. Yu Xinhua had worked for Siemens Ltd China before joining IDG capital and been mainly responsible for Simon marketing department of mobile communications. Yu Xinhua was graduated from Zhejiang University and award Bachelor of engineering and then was awarded the Yangtze River School of business MBA.

Wang Dawei
Technical consultant
Senior engineer (professor lever) of Harbin Institute of Technology, has Served as deputy director of the department of automation instrumentation, Harbin Institute of Technology; then worked for XuJi Group and served as director of Research Office, General manager of business department, vice president of Xuji Group Corporation and was mainly in charge of XuJi Group power and new energy business, did integration of industry resources through innovative business models to promote business development; At the same time, he build China Power Technology Equipment Co. Ltd and worked as general manager; Since 2014 he has served as executive vice president of Guoneng Energy Group Limited.
Mr. Wang Dawei is long engaged in the electric power system product development and scientific research management and has 25 years of deep accumulation in the power system field. He presided over 3 items of Provincial and ministerial level major science and technology projects, published many academic papers and obtained 3 national patents, won Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.
Mr Wang Dawei has Served as the special committee of national Hydropower Station Automation Committee, visiting professor of Shenyang University of Technology, and Master tutor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, member of National Energy Bureau national wind energy industry Standardization Technical Committee, vice chairman of Chinese power system control and Protection Committee, vice chairman of the China wind power electrical equipment council.
Now Mr. Wang is to be appointed as deputy general manager of Zhejiang Narada Power Co., Ltd.

Ren Guomin
Storage Inverter Product Manager
Bachelor of HIT Precision Mechanism and Instrument Major, researcher; has been in electric products and research for long time, is an expert for China Aerospace power supply and battery system research. Previous positions are legal representative general manager of Beijing Tianshan CNC Technology Co.,Ltd. (Aerospace sole proprietorship), chief engineer of manned space flight project, vice general manager of Beijing Space Technology Development and Application General Corporation (Aerospace sole proprietorship), technical director of Beijing Control Technology Company Limited (Aerospace sole proprietorship), guest professor of HIT Electric Engieering and Automation College.

Li Long
Storage Battery Product Manager
Master of BJFU Mechanical Design Major, devotes to battery system group technology research and structure design, published 5 papers, 8 patents, worked as systematic designer of Beijing Boston Power Co.,Ltd. Directed and completed battery system design for Yixing 12 m bus and Nanjing Skywell minibus. Joined Dowell in 2015, directed and completed 6 battery system design for HI-TECH New Energy, Shanxi Tongjia Automobile Co.,Ltd and other car factories.